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Part 2: Autumn War 2007 (Carrie Goes Camping in a Dress)


OK, so here's my thing. I'm a Virgo. So, cosmically speaking, I'm about as AR as a girl gets. I'm domestic, practical, and feminine. I don't wear dresses much, though -- haven't in a while, since I work in construction. I'm into toilets that flush, eating and sleeping indoors, central heating and air, and hot showers. I have a nice arrangement with the bugs in my world -- they stay out of my house, and I don't tell my pets to eat them. You can imagine what I thought when Dave suggested we go to an outdoor event. But, you know, I thought about it, and it's an important part of his life so I decided not to assume and gave it a shot. It was really kind of cool. There are a couple things I definitely want to remember for next time, but I'd like there to be a next time.

Anyway, here's the rundown:

When we got to the site, it was too dark for pictars. Envision if you will, a bunch of people running around in the freezing freaking cold wearing medieval clothing, and drinking heavily. Sadly, the drummers had stopped and therefore, so had the belly dancers. We met up with several cool people, though, and had a nice time. Then we went to bed. As me how much fun it is trying to find a port-a-potty in the dark in the freezing cold wearing flannel PJ's and a medieval cloak. Well, I guess there's one thing I want to remember for next time. Note to self: pee first, then sleep.

In the morning, we went to court. Now I ask you, who's idea was it to hold court at 9AM on a Saturday morning after a night of heavy drinking? Yeah, I dunno, either, but there it is. (Note to self: Next time, bring Tylenol.)

Morning Court was not well attended. (Go figure *grin*) Dave was very sweet about trying to make sure I got a good grasp for everything, though, so we were there. Good thing, too, 'cause he got a surprise award. I'm still trying to understand all this, but it sounded like it was recognition for valuable contributions to the Barony, in general -- more than one thing. I'm pretty sure he blushed. ;-)

So then there was more business before court and other people got awards, rather a lot because the current reigning Baron and Baroness were stepping down after 6 years. They worked very hard at recognizing all the people who'd supported them. Don't ask me who all these people are. I remember the conversations and I think I've got the relativity down, but I suck with names.

After Morning Court on Saturday, I got a good look at our camp and we did a little shopping. It's really kind of cool to see all those tents with the cool designs scattered all over. Our "family" encampment, IMO, was the coolest. Check out the big tent! I didn't get to see what was in it until we were breaking down, but it had a Persian theme. Very posh! The structure in the center was a sort of gathering place. Everyone sat around the fire and chatted and in the evenings drank homemade mead at one another. The white tents in the background are not all in our family encampment. Oh, and check it out -- someone had a Raptor! I don't know what kind, but I know a bird of prey when I see it. (Note: Dave says it's Morgan's Hawk. Apparently I met her. Thank Goddess there wasn't a test! She was part of the court team on Saturday, she's a Baroness. Now that he described her, I remember her, but I don't know that I have pictures.)

OK, so this is not so much like camping as I thought it would be. Even our tent, though quite small, was really comfortable. We didn't both have enough room to get dressed at once, but it was OK, since I needed help with a lot of my stuff, anyway, and there was room to stand up. (Note to self -- do something to improve the blanket situation. Night time is cold in the hills.)

We walked around for a bit, had breakfast and lunch, and did some shopping -- that's right, I shopped. For clothes. Make sure you're sitting down -- he shopped with me. For clothes. No, really. I bought a dress AND HE HELPED. It's true. The nice lady taught me how to put it on, and do you know what? I HAVE BOOBS!!! I have NO CLUE where she found them, but there they were, in my dress. I even had cleavage! Well, a little anyway, but ... the boobs!!! I guess that medieval clothing was sort of pre-bra, which I totally support (heh heh heh -- she said "support"), and so they used tight cloth around the ribs to restrict jiggle and keep large women from giving themselves black eyes. Anyway, I know the Irish Dress is really a stretch as far as authenticity goes, but it was really pretty and I like it, so now it's mine and I don't care what the garb Nazi's say!

After shopping, we went to enjoy the war a bit. Fascinating, really, and a lovely day for it! They seemed to have a fabulous time hitting each other with sticks, defending the "castle" and one group even had a catapult! Well, it threw a black bouncy-ball, but it was still just awesome, and the goal was to have fun, not hurt one another. After all, we're all in the same kingdom.

After the war, we helped out at the gate for a bit, then it was time for Evening Court. Evening Court was much better attended, and I will still TOTALLY flunk the name test. At this Court, the now former Baron and Baroness actually stepped down. The King and Queen were at a wedding and unable to attend, so the Crown Prince was there in their place. And, since the Royals were there, Dave was "working". Once the Baron and Baroness had released everyone from their vows of fealty, he released them from their responsibility as Baron and Baroness, and appointed the people of their choosing (I missed how they chose) to be the new Baron and Baroness. Their first order of business was to grant the former Baron what I think may have been the highest honor they could give to him without the help of the King and Queen -- they said he exemplified the organization (SCA), and recognized him for it. Then the recognized several other people for their contribution, and even called newcomers such as me up to recognize us, too. (Sorry, Dave had to Herald for the Crown Prince, so no pics of me at the front of the class looking constipated.

You know, the more I think about it, the cooler I think that all was. See, Dave said in his former Barony, he waited much longer and did much more to get the same recognition. I think this way is better. It, of course, took time and effort to recognize all those people, but like the Crown Prince said, their people loved them. They had really done a good job of motivating and encouraging their people. The new Baron and Baroness seemed to be planning on heading the same direction.

You know what else I noticed? Go back and look at all the pictures of Court -- did ya see all the dogs? That was SO AWESOME!!! That one herding dog was rolling around like Madonna for half of court one day. Everyone kept helping the old Baroness with her dachshunds, too, and she even had them dressed in matching garb. (Note to self: learn how to make heraldry for Yeager, and start training Starbreaker to be less random and alarming.)

Apparently, I'd chosen a somewhat unusual event to attend. In honor of the whole Baronial changeover, there was a big feast in the tavern. They had minstrels, and outside there was an enormous fire pit and a little farther out, there were fire dancers. In the background you could hear the cheers indicating the belly dancers had returned, with their drummer friends, to The Keep.

And, of course, there was Dave's Beaver.

A lot of people partied pretty hard that night. So hard, in fact, the following morning we were speaking with a chirurgeon who said she had to put a number of them to bed, and get up and "water" them the next morning, LOL. Dave and I, it seems, are old. We chatted with the King from a neighboring Kingdom for a bit. Well, actually, he walked up to Dave and said, "God you're loud!", then we chatted. LOL. He is loud. It's a trip. It was a nice conversation, and then we went to bed. Dave put his Beaver in a box for the remainder of the event. (Note: Dave says he wasn't a King but a Prince from one of the Principalities in our kingdom, which means I don't understand where Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses come from anymore, and I'm going to have to grill him on that point, again. *grin*)

The next morning we slept in, despite going to bed early. Again, the next morning they held an unusual event. In honor of a Baron who had recently passed away, they had a breakfast feast, too. We were late, but still got some eggs and oatmeal. I never knew the man, but he seemed to have impacted a great many people. Nice breakfast, too.

The last Court was held Sunday Afternoon. It also wasn't very well attended, as a lot of people were packing up. There were more awards, one from a sewing contest that I think I'd like to look into if they hold it again next year. They had, now that I think of it, a lot of little things like this. Because Dave is so intimately involved in the court, that's kind of the way we went, which was totally cool, but I realize now, that even though we were busy the whole time, really, I probably didn't even see half of what there was, in simply getting a brief glimpse into what he favored. There's kind of a lot to all this, or so it seems to me. And a bunch of nice people, too -- trust your dogs! :D

Well, before we left, but not quite before our hygiene took a turn for the "authentic" we got someone to hold the camera and take some pictures. Squinting into the sun, we smiled and they came out pretty good, IMO.

Then he took one of me. I chose to blink for the occasion.

After the last Court, we finished packing up and got ready to go. But some girl's alternator went out, and Dave had to drive her to town. Unfortunately, all the auto supply stores were out, and we're not sure what she did. While he was gone, I helped break down the big tent. I didn't get any pictures, but I could kind of see how he had it set up. It gave me a couple small ideas for something far more practical (see above re: Virgo), and a few small goals where I can make next time more comfortable for Dave and I. The kids were plenty glad to seem me, but not, apparently, traumatized. Overall, it was a good weekend, and nothing horrible happened so far as I can tell. I'm glad he got me out of here. I had a good time, and he was very attentive.

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